Online Health, Wellness and Fitness Programs for Seniors

Individual and group instruction for seniors of all ages and fitness levels.

BurnAlong is an online website and mobile app designed to support mental, emotional, and physical health. BurnAlong offers thousands of on-demand and live streamed video classes that are taught by 100’s of professional instructors.

There are over 45 wellness categories to choose from that include categories such as cardio, rest & relaxation, yoga, nutrition and more. Also included is a growing inventory of adaptive workouts to support chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and many more.

Senior Fitness App

More Than Just Fitness Classes

Every BurnAlong account includes unlimited access to a growing inventory of classes and discussions addressing the mind-body health interests of seniors including: engagement, communication, nutrition, mind-brain health, sleep & relaxation, and stress management.

These classes and discussions range from 5 minute health updates, up to 60 minute programs. All of this content is part of your facility subscription whenever and wherever your residents want to access!

Classes Are Available On Any Device At Any Time

With BurnAlong, your residents can access on-demand and live-streamed video classes on any device: phone, computer, tablet, and smart TV.

Social Motivation That Works

With BurnAlong, your residents can take classes alone or live stream with a group. Participants will see and hear each other along with the instructor in real time, increasing engagement and social motivation. The BurnAlong subscription also includes up to 4 family members per resident.

Senior Fitness App

Partner with BurnAlong and expand your facility health and fitness goals!

BurnAlong’s health and fitness experts can partner with your on-site personnel to support your population’s specific health needs.

Find out how we can develop a customized inventory of programming and services for your facility that include facial metrics for heart rate, oxygen level and respiratory rate.

Senior Fitness App